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When a roof shows signs of significant damage that requires extensive repair, it may be a candidate for roof renovation. This service provides a cost-effective, sustainable, long-term and comprehensive solution so you can avoid premature roof replacement.


At RoofCARE our team of experts leverages the latest leak detection technologies including Infrared Thermography, Tramex moisture scanners, and more.


You might not need a new roof. At RoofCARE we will work with you to repair and extended the life of your roof, saving you thousands in the long run.


We offer innovative roofing solutions for every budget. SMART CARE was designed to proactively manage the life of your roofing assets.

Take CARE Of Your Roof With The Best In The Industry

It is crucial to recognize that Restoration is a specialty niche of the roofing industry and should be performed by contractors that understand the nuances of fluid-applied systems. A successful renovation project involves in-depth qualification, diagnostics and installation per manufacturer specifications

More than800+Roofs Renovated

We utilize the best Fluid-Applied Roof Systems to provide seamless roofs that can withstand hurricane force winds, monsoon rains, foot traffic and the worst UV rays. This is by far the best option for extending your roof’s life without having to tear off the existing roof. Applicable to almost any type, we can restore qualified roofs, providing the service life and warranty of a new roof for about half the cost.

Featured Renovations
Comcast Building
[wb_vc_before_after_image_comparison before_image=”17712″ after_image=”17713″ image_size=”size_720x500_crop”]
Albuquerque Federal Courthouse
[wb_vc_before_after_image_comparison before_image=”17720″ after_image=”17719″ image_size=”size_720x500_crop”]
City of Santa Fe Bicentennial Pool
[wb_vc_before_after_image_comparison before_image=”17548″ after_image=”17549″ image_size=”size_720x500_crop”]
Floyd Multipurpose Gym
[wb_vc_before_after_image_comparison before_image=”17717″ after_image=”17718″ image_size=”size_720x500_crop”]
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