Doña Ana County

Dona Ana County Scope of Work: Drain canalies

  • Cut out existing sealants and roof membrane at opening to drain canalies so as to not create a buildup of material and restrict the waters flow into the drain.
  • Prepped and primed areas with asphalt primer.
  • Torch applied an APP modified granular surface membrane in a 3ft x 3ft area at drain opening three course drain canalies by applying a layer of modified asphalt mastic, immediately apply a fiberglass reinforcement fabric and cover fabric with a second layer of modified asphalt mastic.
  • Applied an aluminum roof coating to all repairs.
  • Removed downspouts and drain box from outside of wall and properly seal through wall canalies flashing.
  • Re-installed downspout and drain box.

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    Drain Rebuild



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