Lake Arthur Roof Renovation

Lake Arthur Roof Renovation Scope of Work:

  • Removed all debris from roof and disposed on site.
  • Pressure washed roof and flashings, and allowed to dry.
  • Removed previous defective and/or un-adhered repairs and re-sealed per NRCA EPDM repair standards.
  • Reinforced all seams, drains, corners and penetrations with a three course application of urethane base coat and polyester fabric.
  • Secured and sealed termination bar as needed with polyurethane sealant.
  • Applied elastomeric urethane base coat at a rate of 1.0 gallon per square
    Applied elastomeric, energy star rated white urethane top coat at a rate of 1.0 gallon per square.
  • Cleaned up work areas.
  • Conducted final inspection with manufacturer and District representative.

    Town of Lake Arthur


    Roof Renovation



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